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'Helping You Light Up The Sky!"

FireworkFiringSystemsUK are a leading brand in pyrotechnic systems. We supply our very own firing systems, with very high customizability. With systems ranging from 4 to 72 cues. Suitable for if you are just having a family party in your garden or if you are a professional firer. We have you covered.

We also supply additional igniters which you can use with any firing system out there. These include Talon® & E-Match igniters in various lengths.

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Firing Systems

We have a wide range of wireless firing systems from 4 cue to 72 cue, at low prices & Free Delivery!


Fuse & Igniters 

We have a range of fuses and igniters to choose from. We supply Talon® igniters and various length E-Match igniters, which are used for instant ignition.

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Here you will find additional components such as extender receivers to expand your system and additional remotes and firing modules


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