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Firework Safety

FireworkFiringSystemsUK, is a supplier of miscellaneous goods for use with fireworks. We do not sell fireworks! Our equipment can be used with any firework Cat 2, Cat 3 and Cat 4. Cat 4 fireworks can only be purchased by professionals. You must be over 18 to purchase Cat 2 & 3 fireworks. You must be over 12 to purchase our firework systems however, we do not recommend use by anyone under the age of 18. 

Using our systems: Please carefully read instructions that come with our orders. Watch our youtube video tutorials to learn how to safely install the electric fuses to the firework, to enable them to be fired electronically. 

Disclaimer: We do not take any responsibility for improper use of our firework systems and are used at customers own risk. We recommend carefully reading instructions on fireworks and our systems to ensure no injuries are incurred. 

Customer Care

Here at FireworkFiringSystemsUK, our customers are the heart of all of our work. We aim to give the most efficient and best service to all our customers. We offer email and phone support for anyone interested in our products or for any queries. 

Privacy: We know how important personal information to be kept secure is. This is why we only use trusted payment providers to complete purchases, such as: PayPal, Visa etc. All of your personal information is kept 100% secure and will not be shared. 

If there any issues regarding our privacy policy or any products or services. Please do contact us. Via contact form or email, phone.


Wholesale Inquiries

Our systems can be used for all kinds of users. We do offer a more professional range of systems, which can fire over 100 fireworks. These are at a higher price but come with a longer warranty and storage boxes. These are featured on the 'Firing Systems' page. 

Bulk Buy: We can offer wholesale on some of our items, such as firing systems and fuses at a reduced price. Please do contact us for more information. 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards
- PayPal

-Bank Transfer



Payment Methods
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