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  • How Do I Request A Return?
    It's easy to request a return. Simply email or phone us, stating your issue and will resolve it for you. Email: Phone: 07580 051431
  • What Type Of Fireworks Can I Use With This System?
    Any! All fireworks that have a fuse to ingite, can be used on our systems. Cat 2, Cat 3 and Cat 4. (Category 4 fireworks can only be purchasd by professionals)
  • Is This A UK Based Company?
    If you havent gussed by the name. FireworkFiringSystemsUK, is a UK only company, with all our products being shipped directly from Essex, United Kingdom.
  • Do You Ship Internationally?
    Indeed! We can ship to any country, however extra postage charges may occur.
  • Can I Only Use My Firing System Once?
    No! All of our systems last for years and are very durable. The only thing you will need is new fuses. These can be bought from our 'Fuses' section.
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